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Circa 1937

Antique tiger skin rug by van Ingen & van Ingen. Serial number correlating to the date of submission to factory 24.03.1937

Rare example with hand painted glass eyes, original teeth and claws with only one missing.

Nose to tail – 264cm long Width of front paws – 188cm wide

A newspaper clipping with a photo of the tiger accompanies this rug.

Circa 1936

Fine example of an original van Ingen & van Ingen leopard head in docile pose on ebonised shield shot by K.A. Stanley Esq. after attacks on Namring Tea Estate employees. Deep colour of winter coat fur, turned slightly to the right. 

Shield 20.5” wide x 24.5” high Shield to nose 12” Widest of head 7” wide Head 13” high 

circa 1944

An antique Indian leopard skin rug, by Van Ingen & Van Ingen, Mysore with snarling expression. Was shot in India during WWII, the leopard was shot as it was helping itself to livestock.

Fantastic collector’s investment. The colour is vibrant, the fur is thick. One claw missing to rear paw.

Total length 185cm, width across the forelimbs 138cm.

circa 1936

Man eater Tigress rug by van Ingen & van Ingen with head mount and scalloped edging. The tigress was shot after the tigress attacked and killed local villagers and became a threat to human life.

Strong colour, original teeth, supple rug, claws & whiskers still intact. Some claws missing on rear feet.

Comes with provenance and photo. Nose to tail 224cm long (excluding edging) Widest between front paws 171cm

circa 1936

Leopard rug with head mount in snarling pose. Strong colour, original teeth, supple rug, claws to front paws still intact. Some restoration carried out on ears, & hide. Missing 6 claws

Nose to tail 195cm long (excluding edging)
Widest between front paws 125cm

circa 1946

Large man eater trophy taxidermy tiger in snarling pose by van Ingen. Original shield. Original teeth with whiskers still present. Condition fair to good, consistent with age. With provenance.

Shield 27” wide x 80” high Shield to nose 46”
Widest of head 26” wide Head 44” high

"If an antique big cat mount can be purchased, it may even prevent another live one from being poached.”

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