About Us

My curiosity came about as a young boy venturing to the local museum. I used to love looking at all the wonderful animals preserved for anatomical, zoological and preservative studies -Especially the big cats. The tiger being my favourite, a symbolic of power, strength, and courage. Man has become the apex predator on earth, truly having a huge impact on mother nature as populations grow, habitats dwindle, and so do the precious animal species.

Every living being has its own story, and every story is a part of history. Conserving Natural History is a way of capturing a moment in history, never to be repeated. The relics of the past are symbolic of why we need to hold the future populations of rare species near and do whatever it takes to conserve and protect their populations from further deforestation, hunting, and poaching.

The future depends on how we educate our next generation, to ensure the survival of endangered animal species.

We only collect CITES compliant Pre-Convention antiques, some items over a hundred years old, with specimens certified as pre-convention.

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